Type: Battle rifle

Place of origin: Belgium

Service history

In service: 1953°™1994


Vietnam War

Cambodian Civil War

Six-Day War

Portuguese Colonial War

South African Border War

Northern Ireland Troubles

Rhodesian Bush War

Falklands War

Gulf War

First & Second Chechen War

Balkan Wars

Cenepa War

Sierra Leone Civil War

Yom Kippur War

Production history

Designer: Dieudonn®¶ Saive, Ernest Vervier

Designed: 1947-1953

Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale (FN)

Produced: 1953°™1993


Weight: 4.0®C4.45 kg (8.8®C9.8 lb)

Length 1,090 mm (43 in)

Barrel length: 533 mm (21 in)

Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO

Action: Gas-operated, tilting breechblock

Rate of fire: 650 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity: 823 m/s (2,700 ft/s)

Effective range: 600 meters

Feed system: 20 or 30-round detachable box magazine

Sights: Aperture rear sight, hooded post front sight