Timberwolf c14

Type: Sniper Rifle

Place of origin: Canada

Service history

In service: 2005¨Cpresent

Wars: War in Afghanistan (2001-present), Iraq War-present

Production history

Designer: PGW Defence Technologies Ltd

Designed: 2001

Produced: 2005-present

Number built: Approx. 5890

Specifications (PGW Timberwolf)

Weight: 7.1 kg (15.6 lbs) unloaded

Length: 1200 mm (47 in), 1245 mm (49 in) with muzzle brake

Barrel length: 660 mm (26 in)

Cartridge: .338 Lapua Magnum

Action: manually operated bolt action

Muzzle velocity: 823 m/s (2700 ft/s) for 19.44 g (300 gr) SMK

Effective range: 1,500 m

Feed system: 5 round detachable box

Sights: day or night optics